Matchmaking companies are the ones responsible for providing Internet dating service in the worldwide web. Members who join these sites are allowed to register, develop their own profile page, upload appropriate photos, and then search profile for dating prospective friends they meet online. Aside from this, they are also provided with different avenues where they can properly communicate with each other in order to nurture their friendship or romantic relationship.

There are many Internet sites that offer paid membership but the free online dating services offer free membership or registration. The paid sites require their members to pay a monthly membership fee while others ask their members to pay a one-time annual fee. There are also dating sites that offer different methods of connecting with other members like allowing their members to be able to email each other, engage in online chats, make phone calls or voice chats, and write on message boards. A lot of members who become couples eventually decide to meet and pursue their relationships. Most dating sites depend on advertising for financial support.

Many of the dating sites, even the largest online dating site; are composed of members coming from different backgrounds in search for different types of relationships. There are sites that are based on the types of members who join them, their activities and interests, as well as the location or area where they are, and the relationship they desire. General online dating services offer dating services practically for everyone who wish to join the site. Relationship dating services like and eHarmony offer compatibility test for their members who are more serious about their relationship and hope to find someone whom they can share a deeper relationship with, which eventually leads to marriage.

There are also social networking sites that offer network services for their members like Friendster, Facebook, and MySpace, where members can build their network of friends allowing bigger opportunity to find someone to date. Niche dating services like Millionaire Match, Senior Match, and; have members who share the same passion and common interest brought together by these sites. Most of these sites offer the best online dating services like the Chick n Chit and Peek a Bio where members are allowed to post a profile and print a card which can be distributed offline. The people receiving the card who become interested in you can then have access to your online profile.

 Regional dating sites offer matchmaking service for their members within the demographic area. Some of these sites include,, and There are also dating sites that are confined to members who are sick like the STD dating sites or the diseased people sites. These special sites are open to people who have contracted some kind of diseases or those with disabilities. The STD Soul mate and Positive are only some of these special sites that allow people with STDs and HIV to join, aside from those with arthritis, cancer, multiple sclerosis, lupus, transplant patients, paraplegia, epilepsy, burn victims, and Parkinson's disease. There is a good benefit in joining these sites where diseases can be contained by bringing the afflicted members together wherein they can care and comfort each other. 

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